What Are Ketones? Complete Review

What Are Ketones? What are Exogenous Ketones for weight loss?

“In conclusion, drinks containing exogenous ketones, in either ester or salt form, can raise concentrations of blood βHB in humans, although elevation of l-βHB lasts longer after racemic KS consumption. Both KE and KS drinks mildly altered acid-base balance. Exogenous ketones lowered blood glucose and lipids without inhibiting endogenous insulin secretion. The KE delivered highly repeatable blood concentrations of d-βHB, although ketosis was decreased by a meal. Uptake and elimination of d-βHB were similar when several drinks were consumed in succession. The dietary KE could maintain ketosis using drinks taken regularly around a normal meal pattern, or using a continuous infusion via a nasogastric tube. Therefore, ketone drinks are a viable and practical alternative to dietary strategies to achieve ketosis.” – Read the full study here.

Recommended Keto Supplements

There are only a few reputable sources for exogenous ketone supplements on the market in 2018. We’ve consistently used BioKeto with promising results. The ketone supplements are naturally sweetened and flavored with zero net carbs. The product tastes great, and you get into ketosis much faster than normal. Supplement review shark has a great writeup on the top 5 exogenous ketone supplements for 2018, and we agree with their rankings. Ultimately the best thing to do is try different keto supplements yourself and see what works best for you.