Androsurge Estrogen Blocker Review | Best Anti-Estrogen Supplement for 2017

We’ve been looking to provide you with the best natural anti-estrogen supplement on the market today. After some thorough searching throughout the web and researching the many ingredients that go into these supplements, we’ve came out with the best well-rounded estrogen blocker – Androsurge by Jacked Factory.

Why we chose Androsurge

As mentioned earlier, after some extensive online research we came across this product.

There were many supplement sites, including such reputable sites as Spot Me Bro that ranked Androsurge as their #1 anti-estrogen/estrogen blocker supplement for 2017.

The looking didn’t stop there, after that we’ve done some research behind the ingredients that make up their formula.

It shows that their formula is backed by science, and that each ingredient serves a purpose and was not placed in just to do so.

The formula includes many estrogen blocking and testosterone boosting ingredients, such as Vitamin D, DIM(Diindoylmethane), Grape Seed Extract, and more (see full list below).

So it is safe to say, with all of the research behind each ingredient, reputable sites and promising reviews that this product should be your go-to when looking for a natural estrogen blocker and testosterone booster.

Androsurge Ingredient List